I’m the anti-Goldilocks when it comes to jewelery.

If I’m going to rock a necklace or earrings, they’ve either got to be really small and dainty or really, really big. Like, huge. I still haven’t found a cocktail ring big enough.

If you love big jewelery like me (and I suspect you do), you’re probably a fan of over-sized pearls. And if you’re a fan of over-sized pearls (which I suspect you are), you’ve probably already fallen in love with these necklaces.

Only, those aren’t pink pearls. They’re gumballs!

I spotted these over at One Charming Party. They’re perfect for Valentine’s Day, and the perfect V-day gift for your daughters or girlfriends. They’re creative, cheap and impossible to mess up.

So let’s get started.

Round up a bunch of gumballs and lengths of ribbon in coordinating colors. Pinks, reds and purples are great for Valentine’s necklaces, but you can get creative and throw complementary colors like blue and green in there. You’ll need around 6-10 gumballs and around two yards of ribbon (for double-knotting and a big, loopy bow).

Begin by drilling two holes on either side of each gumball for your necklace. I used a metal skewer from the kitchen for this. You’ll want to drill each hole separately (don’t go straight through the hollow gumball to drill both holes) so the gumball doesn’t crack.

Thread ribbon through the holes. I used a thick wire to push it through, but you could use a large-eye needle or a bit of string wire. Then tie a double knot on both sides of the gumball once it’s on the ribbon (make sure to leave plenty of extra ribbon on either side).

Keep going until you’ve got all 6 or 10 (or however many) gumballs on the ribbon. You can alternate colors, leave ‘em all the same, add one or two contrasting bubblegum balls for visual interest—whatever! Then wrap the thing around your neck (or a kid’s neck, if it’s for a munchkin) to measure the length and tie a bow.

I told you it was easy.

These would also make super cute favors or activities for a kid’s party (especially if you pre-drill the holes). Just try not to chew ‘em up before you show ‘em off.