St. Patrick’s Day and cocktails go hand-in-drunken-hand. Although green beer has always been the drink of choice for the suddenly Irish on March 17, I think it’s time we class it up a bit.

To get in the spirit, I decided to join my favorite green spirit— the Japanese melon-flavored liqueur Midouri—with the classiest drink I could think of: a bottle of bubbly.

The result is a fizzy and gently melon-flavored drink I like to call the Sparkling Shamrock. It’ll be a great addition to green beer at your St. Patrick’s Day party bar, but it’s great for anytime. It’s also ridiculously easy to whip up.

Just mix a small bit of Midouri with a whole lot of dry sparkling wine in a champagne flute or wine glass.

Garnish the glass with green sanding sugar (I used some leftover rimming sugar made for Apple Martinis—it was perfect!) and some Honeydew melon balls (or Honeydew shamrock shapes) rolled in green sugar.

Yum! I couldn’t wait to sip this drink down as soon as I finished taking photos.

If you want to make your own, check out the recipe below:

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