I’m a firm believer that holiday calories don’t count. Especially the sweets. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie? Eat away. Christmas cookies? Have a dozen.

It’s this philosophy that allows me to enjoy—nay—to revel in this dessert, whose recipe calls for more than a dozen gloriously glazed Krispy Kreme donuts.

Because this is really the perfect holiday dessert. It reminds me of Christmas celebrations: Sweet, sugary, warm, and with a touch (or a lot) of bourbon.

The sauce isn’t as sweet as you’d expect, and complements the strangely satisfying soft-crunchy-sweet bread pudding perfectly.

Salivating yet? Get the recipe below, but first here’s a tip: The best part is the very top, where the glazed and soaked Krispy Kreme pieces get all crispy and crunchy. If you have a big, shallow dish that maximizes top-surface area, use it.