What type of camera do you have?

I do most of my shooting on a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. I’m constantly adding new lenses to my collection, but I love to work with the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8.

What’s that font/typeface/plugin?

I’m always frustrated when I’m inspired by a blog’s design or utility, but can’t seem to source what typefaces or programs they’ve used. For that reason, I’ve tried my best to write all of that stuff down for my readers. If you’re curious about anything like this, just visit the Colophon page. (If your question isn’t answered there, just shoot me an email and I’ll try my best to give you an answer.)

I’m visiting Atlanta. Can you suggest places to see, eat, and shop?

I’ve really grown to love Atlanta since I moved here in 2008. Even though I’m a transplant, I’d like to think I’ve explored a lifetime’s worth of restaurants and attractions. You definitely need to visit the touristy destinations, like the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke, at least once.

Once you’re ready to really dive in to the city, head to neighborhoods like Little 5 Points and Virginia-Highland for great local shopping and eats. But whatever you do, don’t miss The Flying Biscuit Cafe for breakfast, Flip Burger Boutique for lunch and Ormsby’s for dinner and drinks.

For more ideas, check out my Visiting Atlanta Map on Pinterest or the Design Destination Guide I wrote for Apartment Therapy.

Can I re-post your photos on my blog?

Sure! I just ask that you link back to the post where you found the images on FormalFringe.com. You can always check out Formal Fringe’s copyright and usage guidelines whenever you have a question about linking or re-posting from Formal Fringe.

Can we exchange links?

If you’ve got a great site I haven’t seen before, send it over! If it’s something I think my readers would enjoy reading, I’d love to link you in my favorite links. And if you like reading Formal Fringe, we’d love it if you add us to your blogroll, too!