The term colophon refers to a page in a printed book that gives details about the manufacture and publication of that edition. Stuff like the typefaces, papers, inks and binding materials used in its production. Here, I’ve tried to record the same type of information about for anyone who’s curious about fonts, web hosting or the camera I use. If you have any other questions about the methods and resources that were employed in creating and running this site, just drop me a line!



Formal Fringe is powered by WordPress and was designed by Taryn Evelyn Fiol and based on a theme by Wpshower. It is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher, using the latest available version of Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

The graphic design for Formal Fringe (such as the logo, social media icons and site buttons) was created by Taryn Evelyn Fiol using Adobe CS3. Fonts you may see employed on the site include: Maven Pro and Open Sans, both from the library of Google Web Fonts.

Some features, add-ons and plug-ins you might see around the site include: Fast Secure Contact Form, WordPress Print This Section and Footnotes for WordPress.



I use a MacBook Pro to compose posts for Formal Fringe. Photos are taken with a Canon Rebel T1i, using various lenses and settings. Photos go through post-production using Photoshop from Adobe CS5. The body of Formal Fringe posts are composed in WordPress, hosted at through DreamHost. I use GMail to access e-mail addresses and Google Analytics to track page views.