Looking for something to keep you warm through winter? Here’s a deceptively impressive dessert that will wow the crowd: amaretto-soaked cherries, dipped in white chocolate. Keep the kids away from these! They’re flavorful, they’re not too sweet, and they pack quite a kick when you catch the amaretto liqeur.

But the best part is that they’re super easy to make.

Take your cherries (have them fresh-pitted, if you can) and make two or three small cuts into each one—you want them to absord as much of the amaretto as possible—and drop them into a mason jar. Then fill the jar (or jars, if you’re like me) to the top with amaretto.

You could use a different liquor, too. I was first introduced to drunken cherries soaked in bourbon!

Drop the jars into the fridge and leave them there at least overnight. I let my cherries soak for about 24 hours, but I wish I’d have soaked them longer. They’ll absorb more of the amaretto’s flavor and alcohol the longer they’re allowed to soak.

Then all that’s left to do is dip!

Melt down some white chocolate into a candy dip and, holding each cherry byt its stem, dip the cherries into the white chocolate.

Make sure you eat the ones without stems and the ones that didn’t dip just right, you know… to make sure they’re not poisonous. Right?

And that’s really it!

These guys would be a hit at any holiday party. Or New Year’s Eve party. Or maybe even Sunday brunch.

It’s fruit, right?

Just make sure you have somewhere to leave cherry pits, if you don’t have them pitted.

Check out a printer-friendly recipe below: