Hi, I’m Taryn! I’m a writer, maker and designer from Atlanta, Georgia. But mainly I’m just a funny southern girl with big hair and great ideas. I believe that nothing is too small—or too big—to celebrate with handmade details, and I’ve made it my mission to celebrate the small stuff and make something out of nothing.

I come from a creative family of bakers, caterers, graphic designers and scrapbookers, so crafting personal details for living and entertaining comes naturally. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. I’ve burned approximately three dozen cupcakes, washed an irresponsible number of paint stains out of my clothes, and once cut myself on a paper punch (I didn’t know it was possible, either).

I have a background in graphic design and magazine journalism. Besides writing for Formal Fringe, I’m also a regular contributor to interior design blog Apartment Therapy.

When I’m not baking, taking photos or writing, you can usually find me catching up on my DVR (my favorite shows are SNL and Glee), playing trivia or making good on my promise to try every onion ring the southeastern United States has to offer.

If want to share your ideas or just say hello, I’m always available by email at taryn@formalfringe.com.

Thanks for stopping by.